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Bulkmail Features

  • HTML and Text email sending
    When using our email marketing system you choose your own email format.
    Email can be sent as either HTML or Text,
    You also have the option of choosing both. By doing this the email system will add two seperate views to the same email one HTML and one Text, the custonmers mail client then decides wich one to use.

  • Pre-loaded template selector
    Our template selector can be used to add any of the pre-loaded templates to one's account and create stylish campaigns.

  • Image embedding in HTML bulkmails (Images wont be blocked by security settings of client PC)
    All images in your HTML version of your email are embedded into the email.
    This means that your email displays correctly even in Outlook 2007 and up from the start without annoying the customer with the usual Right click -> download pictures action.

  • Fully ETC Bill Compliant
    Our bulk email marketing solution has been reworked to comply with all the requirements of the Electronic communications bill. This bill requires all recipients of your newsletter to have an easy and painless way to unsubscribe from your mailing list, and to be assured that no unsolisited mail is sent afterwards.

  • Uses Double opt in method when adding customers.
    Our bulk email system uses a double opt in method to add new subscribers.
    What this means is that a customer is added to the system and will then receive an email asking them if they want to subscribe to the customers mailing list. If the user ignores this email he will never receive another email from the customer. When the user clicks the subscribe link they will automatically be subscribed to the newsletter.

  • Personalize each email with your customers name. 
    Each email sent can be customized / personalized  by using our smart tag system.
    Smart tags are replaced in each email with the appropriate data for that customer depending on the smart tag chosen.

  • Immediate mailing list removal link on all emails sent.
    The email system has been built in such a way that when the recipient unsubscribes he will be directed to our site for the list removal immediately, and once the removeal is complete, the unsubscribed recipient will be redirected to your website (or a website we create for you) with a good bye message of your choice.
    The user will not need to type in any information when he unsubscribes as the email marekting system will allready know whom to unsubscribe.

  • Passes spamhaus spam filtering rules.
    Wherever possible we have implemented procedures to allow your email to pass as many spam filter rules as possible.
    However, if you use words that will trip the spam filters we cannot vouch that your email will arrive at its destination.

  • Customer groups and sectioning.
    All your recipients can be grouped into one or many groups, you decide.
    You may want to send emails to one recipients living in gauteng, or you may want to send to several groups at the same time.
    Our email marketing system allows you to do this.

  • Upload your own list of names and email addresses 
    Most of our customers already have their own list of carefully nurtured recipients.
    To upload these lists to your server is as easy as 1,2,3.
    1. Convert your list to a comma delimited file
    2. Create or choose the group that you want to add the recipients to
    3. Choose your file and Click the upload button.
    Any errors found in the data will be reported to you and you can fix those and re-upload the list at will.
    If a recipient already exists in your database on our system that person will not be added again. 

  • Monitor your email queue as the email is being sent.
    Since your marketing email or newsletter will be sent using the same mailservers as our other customers you would most probably like to see how many of your emails are still being sent.
    You can keep track of your email by using the Mail Queue system.
    This will show you how many mails are in the queue, and how many of your emails are still left to be sent.

  • Generate a subscription form for your website.
    Easily generate a subscription form and export the code for implementation on your website. Your customers can subscribe to your newsletter/marketing mailing list directly from your website - also having the option to select a particular list/group to which they want to subscribe. 

  • Questionnaire generator for survey campaigns.
    Create a basic survey questionnaire and link directly to your email campaign. 

  • Module for sending invoices in bulk.
    Available as a custom add-on module, you have the ability to also send transactional emails (such as monthly invoices) through our system in bulk. Emails can be personalized with not only the customer's personal info and transactional information, but also additional custom/variable attachments - this automated feature is especially useful if you have multiple customer groups and each group need to receive a different attachment together with the individual customer's invoice (i.e. each customer in cust-group-A must receive his/her individual invoice and flyer attachment-A and each customer in cust-group-B must receive his/her individual invoice and flyer attachment-A & attachment-B).  Contact us for more info or activation.

  • Reports and Email Campaign Tracking.
    Marketing and especially email marketing is all about tracking the success of your email marketing campaign.
    In order to provide this we have created several reports allowing you to see exactly how your customers are interacting with your marketing email or newsletter.

    Click on the links below to view details of each report.

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